What started as a small Latin singing group in Puerto Rico, comprised of two sets of brothers, quickly became an international phenomenon, selling millions of records and spanning 30 years. Founder, Edgardo Diaz, enlisted his three cousins -- Ricky, Carlos and Oscar Melendez, along with their friends -- Fernando and Nefty Sallaberry, to form the first members of Menudo in November 1977. The concept behind the group was to keep the sound consistent by replacing members by the age of 16 (or once their voices changed); doing this would ensure the group would stay "forever young."

As years passed, each new member was carefully auditioned and selected based on skills in singing, dancing and overall appeal. They were international ambassadors, performing all over the world in a variety of languages who, as an entity, sustained many changes over the years (from Menudo to MDO and back again). All-in-all, Menudo has undoubtedly left their mark as one of the most significant singing groups in music history!

This year marks the 'age of renaissance' as a new era of Menudo has resurfaced, adopting the latest additions of talented young performers, whose departure's not required until age 20 now. Though the music and the styles may have changed, the new ensemble is continuing a legacy that provided the building-blocks of many former member's successful careers today -- actors, artists, musicians, attorneys, businessmen and more -- not to mention, acquiring new fans who'll take their memories into the next 30 years and beyond... Welcome to the family!

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