CALL FOR ENTRIES... Do you have any memories or stories of visiting the MENUDITIS store in NYC that you'd like to share? Had a Menudo member encounter during your visit? Made any new friends while at the store? Still holding on to that favorite 'must have' treasure you bought back then? If the answer is 'yes' to any or all of the above, feel free to send your stories to the email link below to be featured on this page in the near future. You may also include photos to go along with your story, if you wish (72 dpi, 3x5 minimum JPG files - multiple photos will be displayed in a slideshow format). Please be sure to include your name, location and year(s) visited. Don't be shy... now's your chance to show the world how the legacy of Menudo began - with you!


You and your family were such a big part of the happiest time of my life. You took me on adventures, taught me about real friendship or better yet, steered me away from not such good friends.

I've connected with everyone again! We started to talk about a reunion. We'll keep you posted...

— Betty-Jo Ventura




I just have to say that it is amazing to see that you're still around. I used to visit your store back in 1983-1986. I met Johnny and Ray there. I used to buy so many of your items with my allowance. I still have all the scrapbooks, posters, magazines, photos, and concert stubs from all the concerts they had in NY.

I now live in Orlando, FL and just 2 years ago, I went to a Reencuentro concert here in Orlando. I had great seats and met Johnny and Ray again after 20 years. It was such a great time. I was so nostaglic for about a month. I had such great pictures from the concert, that I then decided to redo all my concert pics in one album.

I have to say that being a Menudo fan back then was the best time of my early teenage years and you were part of it. Keep the memory alive!!!!

Yours truly,
Zamira Pagan


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